Alfresco dining the BLW way!

Alfresco dining the BLW way!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Doidy Cup

Since Ethan had his eight month check a few weeks ago I have been trying to get him to drink a bit of water.  As anyone who's ever tried to get a baby to drink water will's a messy process!  I tried  him on a cup with a spout first but found my health visitors advice (about them not being very good) to be so true.  Have you ever tried drinking out of one of those things?  Well I did and found it nigh on impossible so God knows what Ethan is meant to do with it.  Granted it stops annoying spillages but it also stops Ethan being able to drink very much water at all without a lot of effort and frustration so the spout cup is out.  So I ordered the doidy cup off Ebay.  This futuristic looking plastic marvel looks like it fell right out of a Dali surrealist painting but there are some excellent reasons for this...the slanted design means babies learn to drink from the rim of the cup and they can see all of the contents without having to tilt their heads too much.  At first I would hold the cup to allow Ethan to sip from it but I've decided to give him free reign now as holding it for him means he is not learning how to drink by himself.  It means lots of mess (he still can't resist tipping it upside down to see what happens!) but as we all know, if you don't want mess then you shouldn't have a baby!


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